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Elevate Your Brand

     Meticulous High-End Photography

The first thing you will notice, after using Context Media, is that we are not just your ordinary Real Estate Photography / Videography company, trying to deliver to as many clients as possible. We are about attention to detail. Our meticulously edited high end photography / videography is edited to stand out from the rest. You will not see, color casting,  cables from TV's or cables hanging from table lamps. It’s the small things such as seams from lamp shades, or dead patches of grass, that can make or break a photo. Anything that constitutes an eye sore on your listing will be removed. We even go as far as fixing the neighbors, if need be to deliver the perfect shot. It’s because we also love attention to detail. We truly love what we do and it will show, not only to you but the home-owner, who's entrusted you to list their property. New to 2024 is each property will now be delivered a beautiful rendered slideshow with music. This is Real Estate photography created and delivered at its finest.

Simplified service that anticipates your needs
  • All photography delivered the next morning.

  • Fast, responsive customer service.

  • FAA-licensed & insured drone pilots.

  • Only the best and latest equipment is ever used.

  • Personal attention to each client and each job.




331 1st Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

3920 Crayton Rd, Naples, FL 34103

8720 Bay Colony Dr APT 301, Naples, FL 34108

588 Avellino Isles Cir APT 20202, Naples, FL 34119